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Thousands of quality glass items have been transformed into beautiful works of art in Uta´s workshop. Here she creates unique designs in small, exclusive editions. The motifs are animals and nature – or design according to customer requirements.
From idea to finished art glass, all made by hand at Arctic Glas.


Uta Fransson has developed engraving to perfection and is fascinated by the glass, like the winter’s ice and frost. Initially she experimented with hand carving the pattern with a small scalpel. Today Uta uses a computer program to recreate her original design´s.

Developing new designs is time consuming, the actual production process takes around half an hour per glass. Production takes place in several steps, the pattern is developed in the computer and stencils of foil attached to the glass before the blasting takes place. The foil stencil is then removed and the stencil and glass are now cleaned, making the glasses durable, functional and machine washable.

The glasses are purchased from well-known European quality suppliers such as Orrefors and Stölzle (Germany).

Special design according to customer requirements

Besides Uta Fransson’s own design, which draws its inspiration from the Lapland wildlife and nature, text and designs are blasted according to customer requirements. Company logos, wedding glass with text and hearts – no subject is foreign to Uta.


The products can be purchased in Arctic Glas own store in Renvallen or via the company’s online store.

In 2019 Markus Theiler and Jacqueline Klodner

have taken over the company Arctic Glas in Renvallen and Markus continue to refine glass by sandblasting. The shop, the summer café and the online shop are also operated by Jacqueline and Markus.

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