Love sparkles in the frost of the blasted glass which are carefully designed and manufactured by Uta Fransson in Renvallen outside Arvidsjaur.
The glasses tells stories taken from the wild – where it all began.

From Dresden to Arvidsjaur

Uta was born in Dresden (then East Germany) and has lived in Flensburg near the Danish border. From there one of her holidays went north to enjoy the Swedish nature. Tord was on fishing trip in the mountains. Uta and Tord met and they shared not only the love of the landscape of Lapland, they also shared a love for each other.

Uta moved to Tord in Gällivare, but they longed for tranquility, forest and water.

– We were out driving with the camper every weekend looking to find a house but eventually we found the house on the internet, says Uta.

The farm is beautifully situated at Svärdälven (sword river) outside Arvidsjaur. The couple decided to move and Uta left her job at the solar plant.


The engraved glass vase her colleagues gave her a farewell gift was to be the beginning of something new. She’s always been artistic both with photography and painting. Now Uta discovered her passion for glass, she would become a glass artist and Arctic Glas was born!

The very first tentative blasting experiments in an outhouse has in six years grown into an arts and tourism activity which includes workshops, exhibitions, a shop and a summer café.

Tord is the gentle herdsman who also takes care of all the practical work on the farm. Uta designs and produces all her glass art by hand. Creating carefully selected glass decorated with patterns taken from the surrounding area’s rich natural.

Where it all began.



Video production: Sabine Mey, Travelstories-Reiseblog.com

If you want to meet reindeers or go an a reindeer sledge tour, you can do that in the wilderness camp “Vildmarksbyn Solberget”, our reindeer Lumi has moved there. We have no more reindeers in Renvallen.