Experience Lapland unique culture, nature and wildlife through the beautiful art glass produced by the heart and in the heart of the landscape depicted in the engraving.
Visit the Arctic Glas shop in person or order via the online store, or visit one of the many retailers that are around the country.


Northern Lights magical light phenomena, the bear’s mighty footsteps, the fisherman´s quiet moment by the mountain lake – which will be your favourite in the Arctic Glas Shops wide collection?

Candle holders, wine glasses, champagne- and cocktail glasses, whiskey- and cognac glasses, beer- and water glasses, snaps- and liqueur glasses, bowls and vases, all with unique engraving have been designed and sandblasted by hand by Uta Fransson in Renvallen outside Arvidsjaur. There is also a selection of handmade silver jewellery and local craftworks in reindeer horn, leather and wood.

Opening hours

September – May:     Monday to  Friday at 12-17, Saturday at 10 – 14.

June and August:      Monday to Sunday at 10-18.

July:                             Monday to Sunday at 10 – 19.

By appointment at other times.

Café open:
June, July and August


In the online store you will find a variety of glass products with hand blasted patterns made by Uta Fransson. There is also a wide selection of everything from tin and silver jewelry to hunting knives, leather products and other forged items. Everything originated from the Lappish culture and nature.


You will also find Arctic Glass unique blasted glass products in a number of selected retailers around the country:

  • Wasa Crystal Sky City, Flygplats Stockholm-Arlanda
  • Anna-Lisas Souvenirbutik, Arvidsjaur
  • Wennbergs Sameslöjd, Kiruna
  • Hantverk Storforsen